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Experience the Finest Cuisine in Phuket - Thailand

Be restored in heart and body through Flora Resort's peaceful surroundings and the most glorious of dining experiences

Indulge in the very best of eastern and western cuisine at our Chanalai Flora restaurants and bars. Try out a delicious spread of local and international dishes in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you while away the evening in style at the 114-seat Bussarakam Restaurant or bond with your children at the fun Pool Bars with their extensive menus, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Chanalai Flora Resort. Take advantage of our wide-ranging room service from 06:30 to 23:00 daily.

A passion for locally grown fruit and vegetables and farm-fresh meats and seafood is evident in the unique food and beverage offerings throughout Chanalai Flora Resort. Fresh flavours, exotic food combinations, and striking presentation are the trademarks of every appetizer, meal, or signature cocktail and wines enjoyed here.

Chanalai Flora Restaurant offers a casual dining atmosphere in an indoor/outdoor setting. Its menu was created and inspired by Classic Thai Cuisine. Influences from all over the world give it a distinctive personality, that cohesively match the different cultures that visit Phuket and our hotel.


Bussarakam Restaurant
Serving a wide selection of international dishes with quality fresh ingredients sourced locally, Buussarakam has 60 dishes on offer including traditional Thai delicacies, classic salads, starters and mains from the east and west, Italian selections, sandwiches and burgers along with seven dessert choices. Bussarakam also has a 12-label wine list made up mostly of new world labels served by the bottle or glass. Kids are well served here with creative inventions to stimulate their appetites such as Goofy Burgers and kids’ pizzas. Bussarakam probably serves up the best fish and chips on the entire island. Scrumptious.

Terrace Restaurant
Watch the world go by in style with a laid-back music soundtrack in downtown Kata from our compact ground-floor Terrace Restaurant and bar. Located adjacent to Chanalai Flora Resort’s ornate and traditional Thai entrance, it’s the place to be at dinnertime. Al fresco, beneath the stars, or in the breezy open-sided restaurant space you can enjoy nightly all-you-can-eat sweet-and-sour chicken, beef, prawn, squid, and pork barbecue skewers accompanied by fried rice, sautéed potatoes, and bread rolls, along with a good salad selection in this charming family-friendly setting. You can also order from Bussarakam Restaurant’s extensive menu, dessert and drinks list at Terrace Restaurant. It also caters for groups of up to 15 people who wish to conduct a meeting.

Pool Bars
Flora Resort offers two Pool Bars at the Paitoon Pool and the Paytai Pool. Served up are a delicious all-day light snacks and a list of unique drinks. And of course kids come first with an extensive menu that offers either fresh milk, Coke, Fanta orange, apple juice, Lemon Lilly with each serving. Food-wise the kids’ menu features Goofy beef burgers, chicken nuggets, good old fish and chips as well as Superman spaghetti and more. There’s even a fresh pizza oven at the upper Paitoon Pool. Choose from appetizers, soups, salads, rice and noodles, sandwiches, pastas and burgers – all of course complemented by a full drinks list.

In-Room Dining
Available from 6:30am to 11pm, in-room dining at Chanalai Flora Resort offers 60 dish choices along with a beverage list encompassing aperitifs, cocktails, mocktails, juices and hot drinks. Choose from light bites, salads, snacks, soups, Asian and Western ‘comfort food’ along with tasty and cheeky desserts. Simply dial ‘5’, order, and your food will be on its way.