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Discover Traditional Thai Hospitality in the Tropics of Phuket - Thailand

Chanalai Hotels and Resorts, a place to feel the tranquility of Phuket - Thailand. Step into a picturesque setting of vibrant flora and fauna and the fascinating beach sites filled with awe and wonder. Choosing from a variety of accommodations including four different style resorts - Chanalai Garden Resort an Amazing Sea View Resort at Kata Beach, Chanalai Romantica Resort a boutique romantic resort for couples only at Kata Beach, Chanalai Flora Resort a family-friendly vacation resort at Kata Beach and Chanalai Hillside Resort a modern resort at Karon Beach.

Chanalai Garden Resort, Kata Beach

Experience the Amazing Sea View Resort at Kata Beach, Phuket

Be charmed into this exquisite slice of coastal life, where lush palms and tropical forests bloom and glorious beach abound. Enjoy the untouched and unspoiled beauty of Phuket, with spectacular views of the Andaman Ocean and Tropical Garden. Chanalai Garden Resort - Phuket is an amazing sea view resort nested in Kata Beach, a destination marked for bliss.


Chanalai Romantica Resort, Kata Beach

An Intimate Island haven made for two

The rest of your life together begins at 'Chanalai Romantica Resort, Kata Beach Phuket' or re-celebrate your union with the experience of a lifetime, filled with stirring memories of sun, sand, and tranquility.

A perfect sunset. A lone candle flickering in the twilight breeze. For you and the love of your life, romance and sublime cuisine is on the menu.


Chanalai Flora Resort, Kata Beach

Experience the unforgettable Fun Family Getaway at Kata Beach, Phuket

When you're looking for the best family resort vacations in the Phuket, there's no place better than Chanalai Flora Resort, where our all-inclusive family vacations offer something for everyone, from two swimming pools to gourmet dining choices for every palate. Grown-ups can take advantage of up to 2 bars serving premium brand liquors. Kids and teens get an endless variety of fun activities along with two kid's pool.

Chanalai Hillside Resort, Karon Beach

Discover Rustic and Modern Life in the Tropic Hillside

Hike in a rainforest teeming with giant trees and lush life, hillside terrain and the sweet song of birdlife. Immerse yourself in a natural sojourn on Phuket Island. Chanalai Hillside Resort delivers views of the Mountain and Andaman Sea stretching into the horizon where the tropical sun meets the coastline. Be mesmerised at Chanalai Hillside Resort establishment beautifully on a hillside at Karon Beach.


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Discover Traditional Thai Hospitality in the Tropics of Phuket - Thailand

Chanalai Hotels and Resorts are synonymous the world over with providing the right blend of hospitality service and quiet efficiency.

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